Which wine to serve with fatty fish?

We all know that fish and wine form an exquisite alliance. However, you hesitate between red wine or white wine? Keep reading! It is always said that a bottle of white wine is the best match for eating fish, and this is not entirely false. Fortunately, there are several wines suitable for accompanying your tuna piece. So you can vary and find the option that you like the most.

Fatty fish

There are now many possibilities for combining fatty fish with a glass of wine during its tasting. However, this depends on the preferences you have. To pair a wine with these dishes, whether they are raw or hot, you can choose the wine of your choice. For example, canned tuna is a very versatile fish and almost all wines go with it. You can also find mackerel, herring, anchovies, or sardines in this category.

A young Mediterranean white wine

Many people opt for a good white wine. Its texture is softer. We usually choose semi-sweet and somewhat sparkling wines. Chardonnay, for example, is perfect with all kinds of blue fish such as tuna.

Oroya is a white wine that Freixenet has specially created for pairing with Japanese dishes. It was developed by Japanese winemaker Yoko Sato and has received many awards around the world. It is a fruity and fresh wine with a sweet touch.

Young red wine

With its slightly fruity sweetness, this wine is perfect so that canned tuna can be enjoyed without overshadowing its flavor. Lambrusco is also a highly recommended option to accompany your tuna Tataki.

Other Alcohols with Fatty Fish

What better way to start or end a dinner than with a good toast. The best cavas to accompany canned mackerel Tataki are Brut or Brut Nature. They do not contain too much sugar.

Japanese Beer

Made from rice, it is very sweet and ideal for accompanying intense Asian flavors. You could choose Kirin ichiban, Sapporo or Asahi.

Just because the most common wine is white wine, it doesn’t mean that other wines aren’t suitable for the occasion. From the Tataki route, the best wines to associate with tuna are: dry white wine, rosé wine, and young red wine.