Which wine to pair with a veal blanquette?

Accompanying a good veal blanquette with a glass of wine is an excellent idea, provided you make the right choices. Find all of our tips for food and wine pairings to enhance this dish and learn which wine pairs best with a veal blanquette.

Which white wines to serve with a veal blanquette?

Veal blanquette is a dish that pairs perfectly with white wine. But not all white wines will suit this dish that mixes both tender meat and creamy sauce.

So, what white wine to drink with a veal blanquette? To balance the thick sauce, the sometimes gelatinous pieces of meat, and the earthy notes of the carrots and mushrooms, it is necessary to opt for a white wine that brings freshness and a nice acidity, while being powerful enough.

Classic pairings of white wine and veal blanquette

To not make a mistake and accompany this beautiful recipe the best way, here are our suggestions of white wines:

  • A Burgundy chardonnay: this discreet grape avoids smothering the subtle flavors of the veal blanquette. The lemon notes are perfect for bringing freshness, while the buttery brioche aromas pair perfectly with the creaminess of the sauce;
  • The pinot gris: this dry white wine from Alsace gives a sensation of roundness in the mouth that counterbalances the stringy side of the meat and goes very well with the carrots;
  • The marsanne: this grape from the Drôme gives round and long wines on the palate, both fresh and gourmet to enhance your veal blanquette.

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Original pairings of white wine and veal blanquette

It is possible to turn to more full-bodied white wines that still maintain a certain freshness and a nice acidity in the mouth.

  • Saint-Joseph: these are wines from the Rhône that pair very well with veal, offering a subtle balance between acid and sweetness and bringing a tonic touch to your dish;
  • Southern wine-growing regions: an Irouléguy with notes of exotic fruits and white flowers will give a modern touch to this traditional and family dish. Dare also a round and fragrant jurançon or a more fruity Pacherenc-du-vic-bilh.
  • Crozes-Hermitage: from the Rhône valley, this wine less acidic and softened by fruity aromas will also be wonderful.

Which red wines to drink with a veal blanquette?

If you ask a specialist what red wine to drink with a veal blanquette, he will probably answer: none! The main argument being that very tannic red wines are particularly poorly suited to dairy proteins. The recipe for blanquette contains cream, which explains why this dish does not get along well with red wine. It would alter the creaminess of the dish and accentuate the astringent side in the mouth.

If however you still want to drink a red wine to accompany your veal blanquette, it is possible to find a few that can suit. The main condition is not to choose a red wine with a too marked tannic structure or a wine that is too young. Prefer a wine that has already been well aged, with melted tannins and finesse. We recommend a Burgundy pinot noir that is both fruity, complex and light with melted tannins on the palate, not to overpower the dish but rather enhance it in subtlety. To help you choose which red wine to serve with a veal blanquette, here are two particularly interesting wine regions for a successful food and wine pairing:

  • Nuits-Saint-Georges with aromas of red fruits, velvety tannins and an intense color, highlights the taste of veal and balances the more fatty side of the sauce;
  • Marsannay recalls notes of red fruits such as sour cherry and strawberry. In the mouth it develops a powerful and generous touch that ends with a fairly fat note, which is perfect to accompany the veal blanquette.