Which wine goes with grilled food?

Every year, Americans experience the same scenario: as soon as the first warm sun rays appear in the sky, men in particular flock out of their houses to get the grill ready. In doing so, not only do they wonder which grilled food to prepare, but also which wine goes best with it.

The variety of dishes that are now placed on charcoal, gas or electric grills is very diverse. Enthusiastic grillers today roast everything that comes their way, and even winter can hardly keep them from playing with fire, which can certainly be understood, as the grilled taste is something wonderful and not only goes well with classic steak, but also gives vegetables, fish and poultry a special note. There are also different spices and marinades today, and so the wine selection must always be adjusted accordingly.

A Riesling is often served with vegetarian dishes, which perfectly rounds off the vegetarian food with its notes of freshly mowed grass and apples.

The perfect wine selection for fish and seafood

Grilled fish and citrus aromas form a perfect team, and so white wines with a citrus note are excellent taste companions for grilled fish and grilled seafood. The Pouilly Fume, for example, not only impresses with its citrus aromas, but also adapts perfectly to the typical grill aroma with its firestone note and slightly salty finish.

The perfect wine for grilled poultry

White wine is drunk with white meat, and true wine connoisseurs can hardly be swayed from this. However, grilled poultry is always well seasoned before grilling, and the grill aromas give grilled chicken and turkey breast even more pep. So a rosé can also be chosen for grilled poultry. It is a kind of halfway between white and red wine.

Wines with Grilled Burgers

A light red wine is recommended for burgers as it pairs well with the various variations in which burgers are prepared today. For example, the wine of the year 2018, the Granbeau GSM Grande Reserve, complements the taste experience with its gentle fruitiness without overwhelming it.

A Stronger Wine with Steak

For many grillers, steak is still the king of grilled meat, particularly the T-bone steak, which only requires salt and pepper as seasoning. It is often paired with a wine with strong aromas that match the intense meat flavor of the steak well. The red wine should preferably have been aged in a barrique barrel, as the light wood notes complement the roasting aromas of the meat perfectly. The Duckitt from South Africa is a particularly good companion for a good steak.

When the Heat Comes to the Grill

For many people, the ultimate in grilling is American barbecue, where fiery spice mixtures meet fruity, sweet barbecue sauces. This is truly an interesting combination, except for the difficult wine selection. Hot spices greatly increase the effect of alcohol, which can cause problems for some people and is why they prefer beer. However, for true wine lovers, beer is not an alternative. The choice should be a semi-sweet wine because the sugar pairs well with sweet barbecue sauces. These wines also have a very low alcohol content, so the heat does not intensify and the enjoyment of the cozy barbecue evening is not spoiled.

The Simple Solution

At a grill party, various dishes are often grilled. If you do not want to invest time or money in buying out a small wine shop, simply go for a rose sparkling wine. The Pinot Noir from France is a real all-rounder because it combines its fruitiness perfectly with a good acid structure.