What Wine Goes With a fish-based dish?

Do you want to make a fish dish and accompany it with a wine? Our advice will help you choose the ideal wine, one that will enhance the flavors of your dishes!

Red wine and fish? A rare, but delicious pairing!

When we talk about fish and pairing food and wine, it’s white wine that usually comes to mind. And yet, red wine is capable of revealing the flavors of your fish-based dish. It is recommended to prefer a fine red wine to not hide the lightness, delicacy and the iodine taste of fish. Specifically, a fish that is cooked on the barbecue or on the plancha (like tuna, mackerel, red mullet, sea bream or salmon) can be perfectly served with a glass of Alsace or Burgundy red wine. Now, think of buying BIO red wine for your fish-based recipes!

Rosé wine to enhance fish-based recipes

A mixed salad containing fish such as tuna or sardines? A grilled fish dish such as shrimp, prawns or salmon? A fish soup or a bourride? You can organize without problem a delivery of Champagne and rosé wine to accompany these delicious and typical summer meals. Prefer light rosé wines with the AOC such as the côtes-de-provence and bandol. If you serve fish-based toasts as an aperitif, the rosé wine is a refreshing drink that will delight guests!

Dry white wine and sweet white wine: the essentials

It is generally white wine that is honored when serving fish or seafood dishes. Specifically? Oysters and mussels will be enhanced by dry white wine like muscadet and chablis. This is also the case for cooked dishes such as cod fillet baked with mustard, fish gratin (white fish, shrimp…) with béchamel, fish fillet with vegetables, etc. And sweet white wine like Jurançon, Vouvray, Gaillac or Alsace wines? It is ideal with smoked salmon: you can serve it as toasts as an aperitif, with a little butter.