The 7 Best Wine Decanters of 2021

A glass wine decanter is often a good addition to a kitchen or dining room table, but what exactly is a glass wine decanter anyway? In its most basic form, it’s an open-mouth drinking vessel with a tall glass carafe that holds a glass bottle of wine. It’s typically made from clear glass to prevent dust and other impurities from clogging the glass mouthpiece, which is part of the design. The decanters are often available in different designs, although the classic is the simple two-piece design.

1 – Le Chateau Wine Decanter – Hand Blown Lead

Red Wine Carafe

The Le Chateau Wine Decanter is a great way to present many wines, whether they are red or white or a blend. If you opt for colored glasses, you can choose your palette to match the style of the room and the Le Chateau Wine Decanter should complement this nicely. These are great for entertaining and the guests can enjoy their wine as well. Le Chateau offers many choices in styles and designs from antique decanters to contemporary ones.

2 – YouYah Wine Decanter Set

Wine Decanter Set

If you are a fan of wine or simply the person to look out for when drinking it then I’m sure that you’ve seen the ever-exciting YouYah Wine Mixer. This product comes with all the elements you’ll need like YouYah Wine Aerator, Wine Carafe, Drying Stand, and Cleaning Beads. It has a built-in stopper so you don’t have to worry about pouring the liquid wine while cleaning your glassware.

3 – Wine Decanter Built-in Aerator Pourer

Wine Carafe Red Wine Decanter

When you want to give a classy look to your home bar, then you should go for the Wine Decanter Built-in Aerator Pourer. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home kitchen or dining room. The built-in aerator pourer is also known as the wine pourer or French pourer. It can serve different purposes. A carafe of red or white wine can be poured into this container to enjoy the drink.

4 – Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter

Wine Carafe with Aerating Punt Design

The Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter inner aerator groove is designed in a very ergonomic manner. This large grooved section of the Vintorio decanter opens easily and allows for the easy pour of the wine with a smooth flow. At the same time, this wide 8.5-inch diameter base has an outer metal rim that has a rubber seal to prevent the loss of the liquid during transportation.

5 – Riedel Cabernet Decanter

The Riedel Cabernet Wine Decanter is created from a material that resembles crystal. It has the look of a bowl and is made out of clear glass. These crystal clear decanters are the choice of many people for their home use. Riedel has a very strong history in the winemaking business. For over one hundred years this company has been making high quality and stylish wine. They use only top quality materials to make their products and you can guarantee that they will leave your guests happy and impressed when they see it displayed in your home.

6 – USBOQO Premium Crystal Glass Red Wine Decanter

1.2 Liters Lead-Free Premium Crystal Glass Red Wine Decanter

USBOQO HBS 1.2 Liters Lead-Free Premium Crystal Glass Red Wine. It’s more than just a glass, it’s a lifetime commitment. Nothing can beat the purity of natural lead-free crystal glass. And nothing can compare to the smooth texture and incredible durability of this high quality, long-lasting glass. USBOQO offers an extensive selection of this type of crystal glass including many different colors, and unique styles.

7 – LSA International Bar Ships Decanter

The LSA International Bar Ships Decanter is a truly unique piece of a company that can add flair to your next party. Timeless – designed and created in high-quality glass from fine, high-grade crystal, this LSA International decanter can equally enhance the enjoyment of entertaining guests at home by serving them drinks that will leave a lasting impression. Not only will your guests enjoy the glasses as they drink their wine, but they will also remember you thanks to this decanter’s design. Made of beautiful crystal, this elegant vessel is available in a variety of styles and sizes so you can choose one to fit the occasion.