The Best Malbec Wines To Drink This Year

The old French grape variety produces colorful, almost purple-black wines with an unmistakable flavor. They caress the palate with plum notes, shine with fruity spiciness and  acidity – the finish can definitely be called opulent. Although the grape variety has lost its importance in Europe, it does celebrate lavish parties in the southern hemisphere – … Read more

The Best Malbec Wines In 2021

The Best Malbec Wines

Malbec is an old French grape variety that is mainly grown in South America – Argentina today and produces wonderfully strong – bodied grapes with velvety blackberry flavors. Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec It is the star of Argentina and this wine is the stage. This is how you could describe the Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec. … Read more