Spanish Tempranillo Wines – Everything You Need to Know

Tempranillo is a grape varietal, produced in the northern region of Spain. The name “Tempranillo” comes from the Spanish word for sunflower and refers to a grape variety with a deep orange coloration, which is used to make wines for fermentation. These include Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, which are all varieties of the same grape. This grape varietal is used primarily to produce wine, although it is also used in blends and table wines.

One of the main characteristics of this grape varietal is its intensity of redness, along with its restrained, sweet flavor. Because of the intensity of the flavors within the wine, the wines generally have a balanced combination of flavors including plum, apple peel, cherry, black pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The taste can be very intense at times, with strong accents of raspberry, blackberry, and orange blossom.

Most Popular Tempranillo Wines List

  1. Vuela Rioja Tempranillo – Rioja, Spain
  2. Condado de Eguren Tempranillo – Rioja, Spain
  3. Tierra Aranda Ribera del Duero Tempranillo – Ribera del Duero, Spain
  4. Artero La Mancha Tempranillo Tinto – La Mancha, Spain
  5. Vina Alarde Rioja Tempranillo – Rioja, Spain
  6. Eguren Tierra Castilla Tempranillo – La Mancha, Spain
  7. Castillo Clavijo Rioja Tempranillo – Rioja, Spain
  8. La Legua Quinta Del Manco Tempranillo Garnacha – James Suckling-Cigales, Spain
  9. T Toro Tempranillo – Toro, Spain
  10. Vuela La Mancha Tempranillo – La Mancha, Spain
  11. Vuela Ribera Del Duero Tempranillo – Ribera Del Duero, Spain
  12. El Prado Tempranillo Cabernet – Spain
  13. San Gregorio El Vergal Tempranillo – Spain
  14. Uro Toro La Enfermera Tempranillo – James Suckling-Toro, Spain
  15. Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo – Rioja, Spain

What does a tempranillo wine taste like?

One of the most common characteristics of this variety is its earthy aroma and taste. It tends to have a slightly woody aroma, with spicy overtones and subtle cherry or raspberry flavors. Some of the more unique scents include hay, oak, vanilla, and cinnamon. This medium-bodied, bold wine offers a fuller-bodied flavor with an assertive aroma and flavor, usually with a hint of alcohol.

Although there are many different types of wine from which to choose for drinking at home, perhaps one of the most popular in the tradition of Spain is the Tempranillo. This wine is traditionally considered to be of high quality, and the blend of these two characteristics works wonderfully for many different types of tastes.

Of course, the climate of Spain also plays a role in the types of grapes used. Tempranillo grapes are renowned for their acidity. Because of the climate and the acidity of the soil that this type of grape is planted in, they have developed an incredible ability to form deep-colored berries that offer an amazing amount of concentrated fruit acids. The acidity of the grapes also allows them to offer a full-bodied taste that will tantalize the palate with its subtle blend of flavors.

When drinking Spanish Tempranillo wine, you’re going to want to avoid drinking too much. One of the biggest factors in enjoying this kind of wine is keeping your glass small. The larger the bottle, the more you are trying to drink at one time. This can lead to an unpleasant aftertaste that takes away from the true taste of the fruit and the complexity of the flavors. The Spanish wines that are made in the oak barrels are known for being very well-aged, and the longer they are, the more flavor you’re going to get from the oak barrels and the better the taste. Bon Apetit!