How to Be a Professional Wine Expert?

A wine expert is a professional who is responsible for the production, purchase, tasting, storing, and serving the wine. These people have extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of all types of wines. Although this occupation is perceived as only limited to tasting and interpreting, wine experts took an active part from production to serving. In […]

10 Best Rose Wine Bottles Under $25

Unlike red or white wines, we believe that rose wines never receive the popularity they deserve. They are the best wine type that can help you to cool down on hot summer days. Without a doubt, you can be addicted to them after your first try. Moreover, they are offered at affordable prices when compared […]

Best 10 Red Wine Brands in the World

Without a doubt, red wine is the most popular one among all three types of wines. According to major religions, it is a sacred drink. Moreover, it inspired hundreds of artists throughout history and numerous poems were written for it. Red wine still manages its popularity, and it is still the most preferred one all […]

Best Appetizer Pairings for Red Wine

You do not need reasons or excuses to enjoy a fine quality red wine together with your friends. A group of friends -sometimes even only your best friend- and a good conversation is enough to enjoy this delicious treat. However, there are some appetizer pairings that you may want to enjoy together with your treat. […]

The Most Famous Moscato Wines To Drink This Year

This slightly pearly, fruity and fragrant sweet wine from Italy, known since the Middle Ages, should not be confused with the slightly sweet other types. The production of the Moscato wines is almost the same: grapes of the Moscato Bianco variety  are pressed, the resulting must is clarified and then immediately cooled down to the […]

The Best Malbec Wines To Drink This Year

The old French grape variety produces colorful, almost purple-black wines with an unmistakable flavor. They caress the palate with plum notes, shine with fruity spiciness and  acidity – the finish can definitely be called opulent. Although the grape variety has lost its importance in Europe, it does celebrate lavish parties in the southern hemisphere – […]

Inspire Yourself With These Great Grenache Wines

Grenache is one of the great grape varieties of the south and next to Tempranillo the most widely grown grape southern regions, where its origin is believed to be. The old variety has undergone many mutations over time and so it is available in red and white and with a gray tone as Grenache gris. […]

The High Quality Marsala Wines To Try

Marsala wine actually has two faces. There are qualities to which fortified, alcohol-combined, must is added during the production. Strictly speaking, such a Marsala wine is to be counted among the liqueur wines or fortified wines. Its close relatives are port wine, sherry and others. On the other hand, with the best and only dry […]

Best Riesling Wine Selection In 2021

Welcome to our Riesling selection. The Riesling is a great wine. Like no other grape, these wines are multifaceted and flavor rich. The northern growing areas such as Germany are particularly suitable for growing Riesling due to their climate: warm summers and cold winters allow the berries to ripen slowly. Slate soil creates a mineral […]

Quality Merlot Wines That Are Less Than 20 Dollars

Merlot plays an important part in almost all wine growing regions of the world. Merlot gets a particularly expression in Bordeaux, where it softly cushions the Sauvignon. Here you can find some Merlot wines that are less than 20 dollars. Errazuriz Max Reserva Merlot Seductive flatterer, filled with expressiveness. Try the Errázuriz Max Reserva Merlot, […]

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