What to Know About Sulfites in Wine

Wine glasses with wine containing sulfite are lined up in a row

Sulfites are various chemical compounds that contain sulfur ions. These occur naturally in a variety of foods. For example in black tea, raisins, peanuts, tofu and egg. Sulphites also serve as preservatives in the food industry and are used in a wide variety of ways. The function of the sulfites is particularly relevant in that … Read more

Sake: Western cuisine discovers Far Eastern rice wine

Sake Western cuisine discovers Far Eastern rice wine

It goes without saying that sake is an excellent accompaniment to sushi and sashimi. But the Japanese rice wine can also be a promising accompaniment to Western cuisine. Japanese rice wine sake is increasingly being discovered by western restaurants. Sommeliers from the western world are now increasingly discovering the possibilities that sake offers as a … Read more

The history of the wine bottle

amphora of wine

About 6.000 years ago, people discovered that a tasty drink could be produced by fermenting grapes. But they also found out that the delicious grape juice spoils very quickly. It could not be kept for long in the vessels available at the time. It was not until the invention of the tightly sealed glass bottle … Read more

English sparkling wine competes with champagne

There are around 400 commercially operated wineries in southern England and Wales. Nevertheless, some like to sort British viticulture rather mockingly under the heading “horticulture”. One branch of winemaking in England has meanwhile found a remarkable niche almost unnoticed: the production of sparkling wine. Around 70 percent of the English grape harvest is already being … Read more

What actually is a dessert wine

dessert wine

Dessert wine – this term comes up again and again and causes confusion, especially among inexperienced wine lovers: What does the juice of the grape have to do with a dessert? It’s actually quite logical. A dessert wine is first of all a wine that has such a high level of sweetness that it can … Read more

Best 10 Wine Cocktails You May Want to Enjoy

Wines can be delicious on their own but if you want to add some sauce, you have plenty of choices to choose from. You can find a wide range of wine cocktails, which you can prepare at home or order in any club. Therefore, we have compiled some of the most delicious cocktails for you. … Read more

White Wine Basics for Beginners

White Wine Basics for Beginners

If you want to learn more about white wine, it’s important to understand how to drink it. There are many different types of white wine, and learning to choose the right one for your preferences can be daunting. For beginners, the best option is to stick with what you know and experiment from there. However, … Read more

All You Need to Know About Wine Cellars

All You Need to Know About Wine Cellars

All You Need to Know About Wine Cellar is important for all wine lovers. The process of storing and serving wine requires careful planning. A cellar is a great place to store fine wines, but there are many things you need to consider. Below are some tips to make sure your cellar is the perfect … Read more

How to Maximize Your Enjoyment of Wine

How to Maximize Your Enjoyment of Wine

If you’ve ever enjoyed a glass of wine but didn’t know how to get the most out of it, you’re not alone. Whether you’re an experienced wine drinker or are just starting out, there are some basic guidelines that will make the whole experience more pleasurable. These tips will help you get the most out … Read more

Is Chilean Wine Good? 5 Chilean Bottles to Try in 2022

5 Chilean Bottles

When wine is in question many people think about wineries in Europe and North America. However, South America also has delicious and amazing grapes and wineries. You may have heard about Chilean wine, but you may not be able to trust it. Thus, we have prepared this guide for you! Is Chilean Wine Good? Many … Read more