Wine Aroma – What is That?

wine aroma wheel

Wine Aroma – The senses that are responsible for the wine aromas are many and varied. Our bodies can detect wine aroma at a distance of hundreds of yards! The sensory systems in the human nose, including the olfactory nerves, the smell glands, the nose bulb, and others, respond to a variety of smells. Some … Read more

A Guide to Wine Pairing with Salmon

salmon dish and white wine

Wine and Salmon – It’s not unusual to pair wine and salmon these days. The contrasting flavors make an interesting balance. Pairing wine and salmon can be as simple as using a pinot noir for a dinner party or as complex as pairing a Cabernet Sauvignon with an array of fruity fruits. However, the two … Read more

How To Make Mulled Wine At Home?

two glasses of mulled wine

How to make mulled wine is one of those endlessly fascinating topics that never seems to end. The basic recipe dates back to the twelfth century and involved red wine being added to apple cider vinegar and fermenting in the open air.  Today we have the England, France, and Italy versions of this classic drink, … Read more

Some Of The Different Types Of Rose Wine

rose wine

The production of this type of rose wines started in France centuries ago. Most of the varieties that are produced in the entire country come from the Rhone Valley in northern France. The name of this kind of red wine is called French Beaujolais. The reason for the name is that the white-skinned grapes used … Read more

Varieties of Madeira Wine

madeira wine bottles

Madeira wine has long been a trendy choice among people of all ages. It is made in the same way it is made in the rest of the world through sugars’ fermentation. The Madeira wine producers say that fermentation does not add any acid to the product, so it is considered a shallow acid wine. … Read more