Organic wine and the taste

We recently wrote an article about organic wine . The main focus here was on the requirements for winegrowers to be able to label their products with the organic seal . We also tested the Landlust wine from the Peter Mertes winery. The quality of this organic wine from the discounter surprised us. In this article we have assumed that organic wine does not taste any better than conventionally produced wines of the same quality. But then we came across an interesting study on the taste of organic wine.

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Does organic wine taste better?

We summarize this study by Californian researchers below. In a large meta -study, the researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles investigated whether organic wines taste better than conventionally produced wines. Specifically, it was about the tasting results of around 74,000 wines from California.

Meta -study means that a large number of studies and experiments are carried out and brought together. The California researchers’ study analyzed results from three wine magazines, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator . Wines were each tested in a blind tasting by experts and rated on a classic 100-point scale.

Yes, organic wine tastes better!

The result was surprising , at least from our point of view. The organic wines achieved a better result than the conventionally produced wines. On average, they were more than 4 points above the comparison group. The result was even clearer for organic red wine. The organic red wines were even almost 6 points above the comparison group.

So organic viticulture has a small but significant effect on the quality of the wine. This is how study author Prof. Delmas summarizes the result. From the point of view of the experts, the wine tastes purer . The terroir also comes through better. By the way, kosher wine should also be characterized by such a purity effect. At this point it should be remembered that these were blind tastings . A visual perception that could influence the gustatory (taste) was therefore ruled out.

Interestingly, most Californian wine producers do not use the organic label. American wine drinkers probably assume that organic wine just doesn’t taste that good. The study shows: A misjudgment. The scientists also assume that the results of their study can be transferred to other wine regions in the world. A comparable study from France , which we unfortunately do not have, is said to have come to similar conclusions.

Try organic wine

We can only recommend carrying out such a blind tasting yourself at home , for example together with friends. Why not test six or eight wines at 10 euros each (i.e. the same price range) blindly and rate them on a scale of 100 points? It sure is fun.