Lafage red wine – elegance, power and fruit

The spicy Lafage red wines harmoniously combine elegance, power and a fruity taste. They are characterful wines that come from vines that grow and thrive on spectacular vineyards. The Lafage red wines are not only intensely flavored, but also attract attention with their extraordinary bouquet.

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Checklist for Lafage red wine

The origin

  • The Lafage winery in France with the winemaker couple of the same name is largely responsible for the success of the Lafage red wine.
  • A high level of technical expertise as well as a lot of empathy and a fine taste are reflected in the red wines of the winery.

The growing area

  • The growing areas for the first-class vines are at the foot of the Pic de Canigou , a Catalan mountain.
  • But also in the Les Apres Terroir and the Perpignan-Méditerranée are the vineyards that are mainly used for the cultivation of the native vines.

The grape variety

  • Only local grape varieties are used for the Lafage red wine.
  • These include the Carignan , the Mourvèdre and the Grenache , which give the red wine its special aroma.

The color

  • Depending on the type of wine, Lafage red wines range in color from light red to violet .

The taste

  • The fruity taste nuances reflect the aroma of cherries, raspberries and strawberries .
  • But aromas of dark fruits such as blackberries or plums are often found in Lafage red wine.
  • The whole thing is rounded off by a light oak note and a hint of chocolate .

Goes very well with:

  • Basically, the Lafage red wine can be served with many different dishes .
  • However, it goes well with beef and veal , but also with various pasta dishes .

Recommended Lafage red wines

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