Cheese and Wine – What Goes Best?

Wine and cheese, this combination often immediately comes to mind with a strong dark red wine and cut Camembert pieces to go with it. This is very tasty, but the topic is by no means exhausted. One does not do justice to the many different types of cheese that exist, nor to the different wines, should one stay exclusively with this combination. It is worth taking a closer look. First of all, an overview of different types of cheese that could go with wine.

A small cheese review

In addition to Camembert, which is a strong soft cheese, there are also other soft cheese varieties that are milder in taste. And there are types that almost remind you of melted cheese in consistency. They have a light taste of pineapple or nuts, depending on what was mixed into the cheese during production. Herb mixtures are added to some spreadable cheeses and give the mild cheese an aromatic taste. These types of cheese on a fresh piece of bread also go well with wine.

In addition to soft cheese, there is also hard cheese, which can be bought in pieces and then cut into cubes. The selection is huge. And the variety in taste is also great. It ranges from mild Tilsiter to the light but heavy in consistency butter cheese to strong young to old Gouda. In between is a whole range of aromas. And then there is the light cheese. Mozzarella and its relatives and sheep’s cheese, which is more intense in taste.

Those looking for something special and a particularly intense flavor should perhaps try a variety of goat cheese. Goat cheese comes in different varieties, but all goat cheese has a much stronger flavor than cow’s milk cheese.

There have also been surveys on the subject of cheese and wine that have brought surprising results, especially with regard to preferred cheese varieties for wine. However, we believe that everyone should find out for themselves what tastes good or not.

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The wine with the cheese

After this little appetizer on cheese, at least a rough selection of wines is still missing.

Starting again with Camembert, a dry, full-bodied red wine goes very well with it. A strong cheese flavor also needs a rich wine aroma. The milder a soft cheese becomes, the lighter the red wine can be. And those who prefer a semi-dry red wine might choose one.

Which wine goes best with which cheese?

At this point, a brief overview will be given. Those who choose goat cheese might try a Barrique wine with it. The special flavor of the Barrique wine and the strong goat cheese may not be to everyone’s taste, but worth a try.

Semi-dry or sweet wines or even a rosé wine go well with pineapple spreadable cheese. Especially with the fruity and nutty aromas, a rosé wine would fit very well. On the other hand, the choice of bread also depends on which wine is chosen for herb spreadable cheese. A dry or semi-dry red wine with a fruity bouquet perhaps.

White wine and cheese lovers do not have it quite so easy. But a dry white wine with mild cut cheese cubes would surely be delicious. But for medium-old and old Gouda, a semi-dry red wine is better.

Those who like it sweet can try a mozzarella with some fruit and an ice wine. Pure mozzarella or with tomato tolerates a light summer wine, rosé, perl, or white wine. And sheep’s cheese is also well combinable. For example, if you grill it with onions, a red wine goes well with it, and if you enjoy it solo, a dry or semi-dry white wine, as well as a salad, is also suitable.

As can be seen from this brief overview, cheese and wine, the topic is colorful and by no means monotonous.