Syrah, also known as Shiraz?

Syrah grapes – or is it Shiraz? It is a little confusing, but relatively easy to explain. The Syrah grape variety originates from France, specifically the famous Rhône valley. Just the mention of this combination, Syrah and Rhône valley, makes my mouth water! Gentle slopes, bright sunshine, and fantastic vineyards – it sounds like the … Read more

The History of Wine: Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

When hearing stories about the Middle Ages, one inevitably comes across narratives of lavish feasts with lots of wine. This is no surprise, as the culture of wine was undergoing significant changes and growing popularity during that time. However, this does not mean that high quality standards existed during the Middle Ages. A closer look … Read more

Which wine to pair with a veal blanquette?

veal blanquette

Accompanying a good veal blanquette with a glass of wine is an excellent idea, provided you make the right choices. Find all of our tips for food and wine pairings to enhance this dish and learn which wine pairs best with a veal blanquette. Which white wines to serve with a veal blanquette? Veal blanquette … Read more

What wine goes with Armorican lobsters?

Armorican lobster

Armorican lobsters with sauce is a classic of our gastronomy. This refined dish can be found on the menu of the best restaurants and is also on our tables during special occasions. Aromatic and iodized, this dish requires being paired with a dry and opulent white wine with a hint of acidity. Burgundy, Alsace, Rhone … Read more

What wine to pair with oysters?

The tables at the end-of-year celebrations sparkle with a thousand lights and we enjoy family meals with traditional dishes. Oysters are one of the essential pleasures of New Year’s Eve. And to delight the palates when savoring them, the eternal question arises as to what wine to serve with oysters. The choice is vast, both … Read more

Wine etiquette: serving and enjoying properly

Proper preparation is the key to stylish wine enjoyment. Not only opening the wine bottle, possibly decanting, and providing appropriate glasses, but also knowing the unwritten rules of the right way to serve and enjoy wine. Anyone who doesn’t want to reveal themselves as a novice should know these rules. The host tests first and … Read more

Why Wines Can Be More Expensive Than Gold

Wine, as connoisseurs and enthusiasts know, is more than just a drink. The right bottle in the cellar and the perfect pour in a glass have the ability to turn ordinary occasions into exclusive experiences. On occasion, wine enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium due to this extraordinary potential. Wine as an investment or … Read more

Which wine with a paella?


Saffron rice, chicken, mussels, shrimp, chorizo… No doubt, we’re talking about paella. This typical dish of Valencian cuisine combines many textures and flavors. This is also the reason why it’s not always easy to know which wine to pair with paella. Discover our suggestions for a wine pairing that respects the different flavors of this … Read more

What wine to pair with a Basque chicken dish?

The Basque chicken dish is one of the most typical recipes from the Basque region. It is a family and social dish with sun-kissed flavors where peppers and tomatoes join onions and garlic in a gustatory symphony that delights the taste buds. This colorful and aromatic cuisine deserves to be accompanied by a good wine … Read more

Accessories for better wine enjoyment

Wine should always be the star of a pleasurable experience, but sometimes it needs a little preparation. The best example of this is good wine glasses. However, accessories such as a corkscrew or waiter’s knife are also essential. And there are other useful accessories that no wine lover should be without. Michael Swift has created … Read more