Bree wine – Great Value For Money

Bree wine is often equated with discounter wine . It is super cheap and therefore very popular with the general public. Recently, we simply took it with us from REWE and tried it out and wanted to find out whether the low price equated with poor quality. We were surprised because the Bree Riesling was really good (no, we didn’t let the design of the bottles convince us). We took a look at the Peter Mertes company and wrote down our conclusion here: Five reasons for buying Bree wine are their passion, promise of quality, sustainability, commitment to the Moselle and social commitment.

Bree Wine With Passion

Peter Mertes founded the company out of love for wine . Back then, in 1924, only the upper classes were allowed to run their own winery. Peter Mertes pursued the goal of making wine accessible to everyone. He was an idealist and wanted to get as many people interested in wine as possible .

The ideas of the founder still shape the corporate philosophy today. Many of the employees privately run their own small wineries . From our point of view, that says a lot. We tried the Bree Riesling and were pleasantly surprised. We also found a video on Youtube that summarizes everything well.

The Promise Of Quality

Peter Mertes controls his promise of quality for the Bree wine with a sustainable quality and work safety management . As with many other producers, the motto is: “You should like our wines!” An experienced team of experts is also there to help. In wine purchasing and cellar management, oenologists and cellar masters look after the Bree wine in the various stages of maturity. The products are systematically checked for quality in our own laboratory . The bottling plants are equipped with the latest technology.

“The wines only leave our house after careful testing”

Despite discounter prices, the wine has the quality it needs for a very good price-performance ratio thanks to a secure process . The wines can be recognized by their beautiful bottles . For this, Peter Mertes received the “red dot design award” in 2009. The wines are available in 0.25 liter mini bottles, 0.75 liter classics and 1.5 liter magnum bottles.

The wine in the beautiful bottles is available for the following grape varieties:

  • Pinot Noir Rosé
  • Bree Chardonney
  • Riesling
  • Merlot

Bree Wines at a Glance

The Bree wine range is divided into alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines.

Bree Free – the Alcohol-Free Wines

Non- alcoholic wines are finding more and more buyers and so Peter Mertens has also recognized that this demand has to be met. The Bree range therefore includes three non-alcoholic wines in addition to the normal wines: Bree Free Red , Bree Free Rosé and Bree Free White . These alcohol-free wines have about 30% fewer calories than the alcoholic representatives and still impress with their tasteful character.

The non-alcoholic Bree red wine impresses with fruity-berry aromas of black cherries and blackberries with a hint of vanilla . The Bree Free Rosé inspires with aromas of wild berries, cherries and cassis , whereas the non-alcoholic white wine is a bit more exotic. This is characterized by pineapple, citrus fruits and ripe pears.

Bree Wines

  • Pinot Noir Rosé : Pinot Noir , from Germany , slightly dry taste, lots of fruit like strawberries, raspberries and currants
  • Chardonnay : Chardonnay from France , semi-dry taste, fruity with gooseberries , papaya and peach , balanced acidity and buttery smoothness
  • Merlot : Merlot from France, dry in taste, with an intense taste of cassis and ripe wild berries
  • Riesling : Riesling from Germany, slightly tart in taste, fine, fruity and mineral

Bree Wine Sustainability

Sustainability primarily means organic viticulture . Peter Mertes is Germany ‘s largest organic wine supplier ! In particular, they support the winegrowers who cultivate their vineyards strictly according to the guidelines of organic viticulture. Since 1987, the family’s own wineries have been converted to organic viticulture. Peter Mertes also wants to be a “pioneer in the organic sector” in the future .

On the other hand, sustainability also means fair partnerships . The traditional partnerships with the contract winegrowers are appreciated. Fair prices are agreed and value is placed on long-term cooperation. Planning security for the winegrowers is important. This is especially true in years when the harvest is not so generous.

Commitment To The Moselle

Peter Mertes strives to keep the Moselle as one of the top wine-growing regions in Germany and Europe. They regularly invest in expanding the approximately 100 hectares of vineyards belonging to the family wineries. We think that medium-sized companies should be encouraged . In addition to the good wine, this is another reason for the wine.

Social Commitment

Peter Mertes is aware of his social responsibility as a successful company. You accompany numerous projects with a positive contribution to our society. This also includes the “House of Help”, a homeless shelter. We think that’s a nice additional reason to buy Bree wine. Peter Mertes also supports art . Grants have been awarded to young German artists for 30 years . This is unique.

The best Bree wine deal

Bree wine is available from REWE and other supermarkets. You will definitely find the largest selection on Amazon. Take a look at the top offers , sorted by customer ratings. The list is always up-to-date, the Bree wine range is quite cheap and deliveries are usually quite fast .