Best 10 Wine Cocktails You May Want to Enjoy

Wines can be delicious on their own but if you want to add some sauce, you have plenty of choices to choose from. You can find a wide range of wine cocktails, which you can prepare at home or order in any club. Therefore, we have compiled some of the most delicious cocktails for you.

You can learn more about their recipes with quick research. Best of all, most of these cocktails are already offered in most clubs. We bet you are going to love the following recipes a lot.

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

This cocktail is also known as spicy wine and it includes red wine, pomegranate liquor, lemon, coconut, cinnamon, orange, and clover. It is a hot cocktail, which should be preferred on cold days. Without a doubt, it will warm your heart as much as it will do for your body.

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The Evil Blue Thing

The Evil Blue Thing

This cocktail is relatively simple than others and it includes white wine, ginger soda, and Hpnotiq liquor. The amazing blue color of this cocktail makes it quite tempting but you need to be careful to not get drunk quickly.

Glamour Girl Martini

Glamour Girl Martini

This pink cocktail includes pink Pinot Grigio, cornelian cherry juice, and peach schnapps. If you are going to prepare a lady’s night, then this can be a great cocktail to serve.

Rose Berry Bliss

Here is an amazing cocktail, which includes rose wine, lemon juice, blueberries, and pink lemonade. The bubbles in this cocktail can freshen your palate on hot days.

UK Sour

UK sour has many other names in different regions, and it includes red wine, Scotch whiskey, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, and apricot liquor. This one is recommended for those who love strong beverages.

White Wine Spritzer

You can prepare this cocktail at home. All you need is white wine and mineral water. If you get rid of drinking the same wine every day, you can add some sauce to it with some mineral water.


Kir is one of the most popular French cocktails that includes white wine and crème de cassis. Crème de cassis is one of the best liquors that go well with wines, and it has a blackcurrant taste. You can use this ingredient together with all kinds of wines including champagne.

Bishop Cocktail

Here is another great wine cocktail you can prepare on your own. You will need red wine, any rum, lemon juice, and any syrup to prepare it. Although many people prepare this cocktail without rum, the original recipe includes it. It is a great choice in case you have limited wine but many guests to serve.

White Peach Sangria

We believe this is the most delicious cocktail you can prefer. The cocktail includes Pinot Grigio, mango rum, orange, lime, lemon, peach schnapps. It is a great choice, especially on hot days.

Gold Mine

Gold Mine

This cocktail includes Galliano, sweet cherry, lemonade, lemon juice, Scotch whiskey, and egg white. If you are looking for a strong beverage but you do not give up on your favorite wine, then you can prefer this one.