Which wine goes with grilled food?

Every year, Americans experience the same scenario: as soon as the first warm sun rays appear in the sky, men in particular flock out of their houses to get the grill ready. In doing so, not only do they wonder which grilled food to prepare, but also which wine goes best with it. The variety … Read more

Can You Drink Coffee And Wine Together?

wine and coffee

It is well known that wine is a common accompaniment to a delicious meal. Wine pairs well with most dishes, such as meat or fish, and can also be used to add flavor to cooking. As a result, wine is a common presence in most kitchens. However, coffee lovers also appreciate the value of an … Read more

Cheese and Wine – What Goes Best?

cheese and white wine

Wine and cheese, this combination often immediately comes to mind with a strong dark red wine and cut Camembert pieces to go with it. This is very tasty, but the topic is by no means exhausted. One does not do justice to the many different types of cheese that exist, nor to the different wines, … Read more

Buying wine online – what you should know

Buying wine online

Convenient shopping from the couch, 24/7 opening hours and no need to carry boxes: ordering wine online has many advantages. However, to be honest, a lot can go wrong when buying wine online: the “noble drop” may not be as noble as promised or the supposed bargain turns out to be a flop afterwards. We … Read more

What is Oenology

“Oenology” is the “science of wine,” which is the study of all methods of producing and preserving wine. Oenologists, or wine experts, are professionals in this field. The goal of the oenologist is to help wine producers by applying their expertise, knowledge, and skills. They do this in order to improve the quality of the … Read more

How To Pair Wine With Food

“Then bring a suitable wine for the meal, you know about it.” Every year, our wine lover William hears this request from the circle of loved ones. For those who also have the pleasure of bringing the right wine to the feast, she has written an aromatic guide in six flavors. There is currently no … Read more

What do Cabernet Sauvignon wines go well with

Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine grape variety that is widely grown in wine regions around the world. It is the grape variety behind many of the world’s most famous and expensive wines, including those from the Bordeaux region of France. History of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape and its wines The origins of Cabernet Sauvignon … Read more

Spirits Tips For Christmas & New Years Eve

Spirits tips for Christmas

Two hearts beat in the chest of our wine friend Steven. In addition to wine, he also loves high-proof distillates so much that we couldn’t help but write down his spirits tips for enjoying and giving away. One thing must be clear in advance: I am a wine lover through and through. But a noble … Read more

Lafage red wine – elegance, power and fruit

The spicy Lafage red wines harmoniously combine elegance, power and a fruity taste. They are characterful wines that come from vines that grow and thrive on spectacular vineyards. The Lafage red wines are not only intensely flavored, but also attract attention with their extraordinary bouquet. In our savings guide, we have summarized the best Lafage … Read more

Iconic Napa Valley Wine: Vertical Insignia

Joseph Phelps‘ Insignia was one of the first great¬†Bordeaux¬†blends from Napa Valley. Several vintages were awarded the dream mark of 100 points by Parker, and it quickly became a sought-after cult wine. In a small vertical of 10 vintages, we checked whether Insignia deserves this status. The lateral entrant Joseph Phelps founded his winery in … Read more