Wine Affection a passion for wine that borders on obsession, the friendship with our winemakers and the irrepressible will to bring you the greatest possible wine enjoyment are the basis of our work. For us, wine is the key to a culture of enjoyment – where else is there such a joyful and pleasurable experience? Gathered at the table of diversity, we are united in enjoyment.

Discover wines that our customers particularly enjoy. In our selection of rated wines we have summarized wine and sparkling wine for you, which were rated particularly well. Get an idea of ​​which wine and which sparkling wine our customers like particularly well and let yourself be inspired in your own selection. Benefit from our customer reviews and take part in the exchange of views.

Wine helps many people to relax and often contributes significantly to their own well-being – if it weren’t for a bad conscience. We have put together some interesting facts about wine and health that you probably did not know before.

Wine Extends Life

This statement is well known, but many people still consider this statement to be a myth. Although some will certainly shake their heads at this, a long-term study shows that low alcohol consumption can increase life expectancy. For men who regularly consumed small amounts of wine, life expectancy was therefore five years longer than for people who did not drink alcoholic beverages. It should also be mentioned that not only the studies found the effect. In the meantime, several research results have been published on this subject that come to the same conclusion: Small amounts of wine increase life expectancy – at least for men – considerably. However, it should be pointed out at this point that other studies contradict this assumption.

French and Sardinian Red Wines Are Healthier

Incidentally, not every red wine is equally healthy: As British researchers found in a study, red wines from the southwestern parts of France such or Sardinia are much more health-promoting than wines from central Europe, for example. This fact is due to the fact that in these regions production methods are used particularly often, which preserve the secondary plant substances particularly well. In the end, they also add to the character for which these wines are known.

There are many ways to find the right wine and sparkling wine: The decisive factor is the occasion on which the wine is enjoyed. Is it a festive occasion? Which meal is the wine or sparkling wine served with? When buying, customers like to trust the recommendation of other customers. For this reason, our customers can rate wines and put their recommendation into words. Wines that have received a high star rating are presented here. This gives you a quick overview of the most popular wines from our range.

Good Customer Reviews

Tastes are different. If the dry red wines prefer the tannin-rich variant from the barrique, friends of the refreshing red wine prefer the fruity counterpart. If you cannot decide between Pinot Noir or Rioja, we will be happy to give you recommendations. Discover the red wines of all major wine-growing regions in the world that have been rated by our customers and decide which of our best red wines you would like to select. Trust the expertise and gut feeling of our customers.

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