6 Sweet Wines To Try In 2021

Sweet wines are a large and often underrated selection of wines. Not so long ago it still occupied the top of the quality in most of the world’s growing areas. In Europe, the sweetest wines are given the top grade levels. In the wine-growing region of Bordeaux, where the density of legendary wineries is unsurpassed, a Lafite was not put at the top of the category, but the winery was the only winery to become a Cru Supérieur due to its sweet wines raised.

There are two types of sweet wines; Wines in which alcohol is added during winemaking, the so-called fortified wines, and wines in which the percentage contained is only produced during fermentation. The options among the sweet wines are very different and alcohol amount can vary from 5 to 20%.

L’Or du Roussillon Muscat De Rivesaltes

Balanced and fruity sweet wine from the Rousillon area with a light acidity in the background. A poem for almost everything with desserts. Traditional fruity from the Muscat grape. You can also enjoy it as a tasty end to a stimulating meal; it is the great accompaniment to a sorbet made from dark fruits.

Château Suduiraut Sauternes (Premier Grand Cru Classé)

Very sweet but a strong taste, distinctive honey sweetness, race and fine. Sauternes sweet wine is one of the greatest accompaniments to numerous desserts, and is therefore an almost wonderful end to a dinner. The main variety with around 80 % share is the Sémillon grape, as it is not particularly susceptible to noble rot. It tastes good with sweet desserts; But it is also a companion for strong cheeses.

Ariano Hermanos Tannatino Licor de Tannat

Ariano Hermanos Tannatino Licor de Tannat is great proof of the sweet wine qualities of the grape variety. It is made from the ripeest Tannat grapes and prepared like a great port. The flavor is reminiscent of ripe figs, plums, mint liquorice and chocolate. In the mouth an exciting interplay of fruit sweetness and tannins.

Grand Tokaj Tokaji Szamorodni

Sweet wines without added alcohol are now produced all over the world. This noble rot fungus removes water from the individual berries without destroying them. The less known Tokaji from Hungary is on a par with them in terms of quality. The Furmint grape used in Tokaji has an almost even strong acidity and the sweet wines appear light and carefree.

Boplass Cape Vintage

The Boplaas Cape is a dark, almost purple wine that smells of plums, dark cherries, chocolate and pepper. A fine scent of rum pot and spices caresses the nose and the palate. The finish is long-lasting and lingers for a long time. It was made from liqueur wine grapes.

José Maria da Fonseca Lancers Rosé

Lancer’s is the party wine because it has only 10% alcohol and is very tasty. Experts recommend Lancer’s Rose as an aperetif, with salads, tapas or just for pure drinking pleasure. Lancer’s should always be drunk well chilled.