5 Wine Podcast Suggestions for Lovers

5 Wine Podcast Suggestions for Lovers

Just like most alcoholic beverages, wines also taste better with music. So, if you are planning to enhance your experience, we recommend running some great songs that you can enjoy. Do you know what also goes well with a quality wine? A great chat.

This is why we have compiled some of the best wine podcasts for you. If you are going to enjoy your wine alone and you need some noise in the background, then these podcasts are great for you! As you can let them talk in the background, you can also learn more about wines!

5 Best Wine Podcasts

Below, we have compiled some of the famous podcasts about wine. Although there are many more podcasts on the internet, we tried to pick comprehensive ones. Without a doubt, we believe at least one or two of these podcasts will be appealing to you.

Sports and Corks Podcast

Besides beer, wine is also among the favorite beverages of many sports lovers. Emily J and Emily C host the podcast, and they talk about sports. Both ladies have a background in sports and they both love wine! What can be a better combination than this?

Besides sports, they also talk about dating, pop culture, and of course, wine!

I’ll Drink to That! Podcast

If you are looking for an excuse to drink, then this is the best podcast for you. Levi Dalton hosts the podcast, and we interview a new wine expert in every session. Besides talking about wines, they also talk about the life-shaping around the wine.

This podcast is an amazing choice especially for beginners, who are willing to learn more about wines.

Blood and Wine Podcast

If you get bored from watching crime channels while sipping your wine, we have some good news for you. Two siblings Brittany and Tyler host this amazing podcast. They talk about true crime stories but mainly murders in the 2000s.

They also discuss Hollywood deaths and famous serial killers. Needless to say, they are enjoying a brand-new bottle of wine in every session and talk about that specific wine too.

Friends of the Vine Podcast

In case you are looking for a podcast for wine veterans, then this podcast is for you. The hosts welcome different wine experts, winemakers, or wine writers in each session. Unfortunately, this is not a suitable podcast for many beginners.

However, if you have the required fundamentals to keep up with the conversation, you can learn a lot more about wine, winemaking, tasting, and much more!

Wine for Normal People Podcast

This is a great podcast for anyone willing to spend some time with a podcast while enjoying his or her wine. Elizabeth Schneider and her husband, Mr. Ice, host the podcast. As a regular person, you can learn a lot about wines without confusing yourself with confusing terms.

You are going to find plenty of humor in the podcast along with pop culture references and fun discussions between the couple.

You can tune in any of the above-mentioned wine podcasts to enjoy your time with your favorite wine.

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