Most Recommended Merlot Wines

Merlot is the most famous grape variety in France today, and it ranks fifth worldwide. When it comes to new plantings, the Merlot is only just behind the other top ones. The representatives today come from Bordeaux, where Merlot owns around 60 % of the vineyards. The reason for their popularity is obvious: red wines […]

How Is Sangria Prepared?

To talk about sangria is to talk about Andalusia and to drink it is synonymous to summer. The sangria has been the most typical summer soft drink for many years and it is the excellence of summer in Spain. Although this summer drink is known all over the world and is drunk all year round, […]

Best Tempranillo Wines to Buy in 2021

The Tempranillo is Spain’s most important local red wine variety. In many places the vine is therefore even referred to as Spain’s answer to Sauvignon. Tempranillo serves, among other things, as the wine for the world famous Rioja wine. AaltoTinto Anyone who loves uncompromisingly made, high intensity but at the same time great balanced Spaniards […]

Solid French Wines You Can Buy Under 20 Dollars

France is the most important wine-growing country in the world. The amount of wine is smaller than the Italian one, the area under vines is smaller than the Spanish one, and yet France is definitely the wine country among wine drinkers. France has a great position both in terms of quality wines and everyday wines […]

The Popular Sauvignon Blanc Wines In 2021

Sauvignon Blanc is the second most important grape variety in the world after Chardonnay in terms of acreage. For some time, however, it has also been grown in top quality in Europe. At the end of the 1990s there was practically nothing to buy from this grape variety; In the meantime, however, the area under […]

The Best Port Wines Of Older Vintages

In the second half of the 17th century, a number of English traders settled in Porto and founded the first English wine companies located there, including those that are still well-known today. Port wine is a drink fortified with a wine distillate, usually natural in color and taste, to around 20% alcohol, the qualities of […]

Great Companions: Wine and BBQ (Pair Tips)

Wine and BBQ – They go together to provide a mouthwatering meal that your whole family will enjoy. Wine and BBQ can be paired for almost any type of meat, from the leanest cuts of meat up to the fattiest amounts. If you are looking for wine and BBQ, keep these simple guidelines to create […]

The California Wine Trends In 2021

Trends are part of everyday business in California. Not infrequently they spread worldwide. This also applies a little to wine. Lush drops in the style set the tone. Today the focus is on sustainable wines, many from grape varieties that not everyone has on their radar, and the popular ones represent this year the grapes […]

Tips on How Many Calories Are in Red Wine?

Red wine is the sort of drink that often fills with memories of warm summer evenings spent sipping it along with friends and family. A glass of red wine is sometimes the only thing on the table during a party. Although red wine is enjoyed by many worldwide, how much do they know about the […]

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